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Practicing a martial art is a great way to develop physical strength, mental fortitude, and self-confidence, but each martial art has its own language that connects with different people. You want to do your best to find the martial art that best suits your child. Below are a few martial arts to consider.



Karate is one of the most well-known martial arts practices. It is a good option for children who need discipline and need to learn the value of inner-happiness. The technique does teach children how to defend themselves, but it is mostly about self and defense rather than fighting an opponent. It is important to point out that karate requires a lot of kicking, flipping, and striking, making it one of the most active martial arts.


Tae Kwon Do

This practice focuses on competition, and it is one of the sports featured in the Olympics. Children with high ambitions are probably going to find this type of martial art quite rewarding. At competitions, this martial art is especially entertaining, and children aiming to perform well are sure to impress.


Kung Fu

Kung fu focuses on the upper body and balance. This is one of the most popular options for children who do not want to do a lot of flipping or kicking. Learning this martial art is a powerful way to fight and defend yourself, which should give your child newfound courage. The philosophy within this particular type of martial art is based on peace, so it might help children with anger issues. 



This is another kind of martial art that does not rely too much on kicking or striking. It actually relies on children learning how to use the other person’s body weight with attacks. It is a very calculating type of martial art that is perhaps the purest form of self-defense fighting there is. Children who learn judo will be encouraged to think critically, and those who are more logical could be good fits for this martial art. 


Muay Thai

This is a basic martial art, but it is also one of great intensity. The focus required to master this martial art should help children who have problems paying attention. This practice is one of the most all-encompassing types of martial arts out there.


Hopefully, one of these techniques speaks to your child, but make sure the decision is his or hers since choosing is a very personal decision.


Javill Byron is an accomplished martial artist, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist based in Miami. As the owner of Top Shot Miami and WMB Martial Arts, Javill strives to serve as a valuable resource for individuals who want to improve their physical abilities and learn to protect themselves. Javill is especially passionate about helping children with disabilities and children who are bullied.


As a philanthropy-minded person, Javill Byron devotes much of his time to his nonprofit, WMB Foundation, Inc., which provides services to families and children diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or Autism and aims to promote academic success and generally enrich their lives.