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Building your own home martial arts gym makes it easy to stick to your training routine. You can make it as fancy or as simple as you like. With a little planning and preparation, it’s easy to have your own training facility right at home!

Choosing a space is vital to set up your home martial arts gym. You need at least about a 10’x10′ space if you’re working out alone. Garages, basements, or spare rooms are all great options, but they each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Garage and basements are a great training space because they’re out of the way and usually spacious but can get too hot or cold, and you lose that space for storage or parking. Basements don’t have great ventilation, but they can be insulated and air-conditioned to be more comfortable. If your basement is unfinished or has flooding or other water issues, it can be a huge expense to get it ready to use.

A spare bedroom is a good training space because it’s already finished and temperature controlled. However, training in the spare room can cause housemates’ noise issues, especially if it’s a second-floor bedroom. Depending on your housing, the bedrooms may not provide adequate space for training or may be necessary for other things.

Flooring can be anything from roll-out mats to simple puzzle mats. When choosing your flooring, make sure you get a thickness that works for you.

Depending on your workout, you may want wall padding in your home martial arts gym. These are easy to install in whatever space you’ve chosen.

Training bags and racks are useful for any martial art, but it’s vital to install them correctly, or you’ll be looking at big repair costs for your walls or ceiling. As long as you follow installation instructions, you can set up bags and racks in any home martial arts gym!

Suppose you’ve been looking for a way to take your martial arts training to the next level; browse our resources and start planning! You can have a great martial arts gym in your own space and reach your training goals in the comfort of your own home.