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There is something to be said about the power of positivity and attracting / manifesting what you would like to happen.


Negative thoughts breed negative results: positive thoughts breed positive outcomes.


Something that sounds so easy somehow escapes the reach of most people’s intellect and mental capacity. Why? Because it’s hard! We are wired to worry, doubt, be skeptical, and distrust our abilities and aspirations. The company we keep and even our families are right there to tell us that our dreams and ideas are crazy or unattainable.


There was an exercise I read about where you would put the things you want on a picture board and look at them daily while focusing on how you would achieve them. After trying the exercise myself and looking that everything written down, 9 years later, it is hard to argue with the results. Everything on the list has been achieved. The law of attraction is real.


We have many people like Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone preaching the power of positivity and changing your mindset, yet somehow we give our children the same mindset that has served us poorly in the past. Can we change this please?


Below is a guide for parents to help children be goal-oriented and teach them that to achieve their goals, you must believe in them.


  1. Explain to kids that the responsibility for their success or failure of a dream or goal directly correlates to what they put into it. Work hard and results will come.
  2. Start teaching time management skills as early as they can handle it. This will become a critical factor in their success.
  3. Foster excellent communication skills. Focus on teaching them how to explain and relay information after hearing it. Effective communicators are successes waiting to happen.
  4. Make their goals a family affair and celebrate them when achieved. There is nothing better for self confidence than achieving a goal.
  5. Long term goals are great because it gives you the chance to set benchmark activities to grade along the way. You should set both long term and short term goals. Doing this gives you the opportunity to assess their progress while also providing a chance for them to assess themselves.
  6. Keep goals attainable but very challenging. Naturally, a child may want to set goals they can achieve while staying in their comfort zone. Challenge them!
  7. Help them organize thoughts and break big goals into smaller, manageable pieces to provide the small wins necessary for perseverance.
  8. Use yourself as an example. Give kids examples of when you have struggled but pulled through to attain your personal goals. You may not know it, but they look up to you!
  9. Encourage positive self talk. Phrases like “I can do it,” “I will always try my best,” and “Today will be a good day” go a long way to helping kids foster a great attitude toward themselves and their goals.
  10. Have fun with it! No stress. Just pure fun.


Javill Byron is an accomplished martial artist, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist based in Miami. As the owner of Top Shot Miami and WMB Martial Arts, Javill strives to serve as a valuable resource for individuals who want to improve their physical abilities and learn to protect themselves. Javill is especially passionate about helping children with disabilities and children who are bullied.


As a philanthropy-minded person, Javill Byron devotes much of his time to his nonprofit, WMB Foundation, Inc., which provides services to families and children diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or Autism and aims to promote academic success and generally enrich their lives.