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Javill Byron

Owner, Miami WMB Training Center

Javill Byron is a business owner and philanthropist based in Miami, Florida. He is the owner of WMB Training Center, a martial arts Training Center in Miami that has been called one of the best academies in the United States. He is also the founder of Top Shot Miami,  a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Course which offers classes that are taught by NRA CERTIFIED instructors who are also skilled black belts in multiple martial arts and experts in self-defense. Apart from his businesses, Javill Byron is the proud founder of WMB Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) public fundraising foundation. Keep reading to learn more about Javill and his career!

“WMB is a life-changing experience I don’t know any other school that compares to it, once you enter this gym you already feel like a champ you feel like you can conquer the world………..”

– WMB Training Center Student

Growing up, Javill found martial arts to be a great outlet to express himself. Throughout his adolescent years, Byron trained in Judo, Sambo, Kyokushin karate, submission grappling, knife fighting, silat, kali, boxing, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Practicing martial arts every week was a great way for Javill to stay out trouble and connect with a likeminded group of people. These years training ultimately provided Javill with a foundation of honor, discipline, and respect which continues to guide him in business today. Knowing how impactful martial arts was in his own life, Javill set out to give other kids the opportunity to share the same experience by becoming a martial arts coach himself.

As the founder of WMB Training Center, Javill Byron helps students become more confident and excel in varying aspects of their life. Being able to help students who started out shy, weren’t able to communicate well, were getting bullied, or even with ADHD and Autism, has been the most fulfilling aspect of his career. Seeing students break out of their shell to become who they really are is far more rewarding than money for Javill. He has dedicated his life to helping others reach their full potential.

Unlike most training facilities, Javill Byron prides himself on about a 1:4 student to instructor ratio at WMB. With age-specific classes, his students can learn at a pace that is impactful and thorough for everyone. As a businessman, Javill understands that there is an ever-changing landscape in every industry. Byron ensures that he is constantly questioning his business and changes accordingly. Javill hopes to continue to adapt to the current environment and find new ways to help masses of people through his skills and experience. Byron hopes to continue to provide a platform for everyone who trains or works with him to learn and master the entrepreneurial spirit.

Similarly, through TopShot Miami, Javill offers a variety of classes designed to challenge both beginner and experienced shooters. Javill’s passion and drive behind TopShot was similar to WMB in that he wanted to help people feel comfortable in any situation and learn self-defense in a safe and secure environment.

Apart from his businesses, Javill Byron dedicates a great deal of time to his non-profit, WMB Foundation, Inc. With the WMB Foundation, Inc., Javill’s mission is to provide children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or Autism the opportunity to achieve academic excellence and expose them to the vision of higher education without rejection due to their diagnosis or lack of financial resources. WMB Foundation, Inc offers programs and services that are child-centered with a family first initiative aimed at enriching the lives of the family unit as a whole.

To read more about Javill Byron and his endeavors, click here to visit his other website.

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