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Watching the news shows us that violence is a part of human existence, whether we like it or not. If it comes to the point of facing violence firsthand and needing to defend yourself, fundamental knowledge of various self-defense modalities could be enough to help you escape your attacker safely. 

Self Defense Books You Should Read

 This 5-title list is small but mighty. It contains a plethora of self-defense knowledge. These books can give you a solid foundation of practical, applicable self-defense strategies.

 1.  Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey: Jack Dempsey is a famous boxer. His book incorporates boxing as a means of self-defense. This book looks at boxing methods in a pragmatic way, where Dempsey shows how to use them in a street situation. 

 This book teaches various punches, how to throw powerful punches, and how to harness the power of aggression to help you defend yourself. It’s got useful information for beginners and pros.

 2. A Bouncer’s Guide To Barroom Brawling by Peyton Quinn: Quinn’s book takes his time as a bouncer and translates it to self-defense knowledge. He shows that real-life fights can be unpredictable. 

 Being aware and spotting signs of an impending fight is another key. Those looking for a fight often “assess’ their target beforehand. Knowing what to look for can keep you safe. 

 3. A Professional’s Guide To Ending Violence Quickly by Marc “Animal” MacYoung: MacYoung was inspired to write for the people who deal with violence daily like police, orderlies, and bodyguards. 

He teaches about four types of violence and the psychology of those who are most prone to use it.

 4. Cold Steel by John Styers: This book is intense, as it contains training on last-resort self-defense. Styers covers numerous lethal options.

 5. Kill Or Get Killed by Rex Applegate: Applegate’s book delves into topics such as hand to hand combat, riot control, and knives. Like Styers’ book, this book is for more dire, life-threatening situations to help you escape alive. It came out in 1943, but the knowledge within still stands.

 These books teach self-defense from numerous perspectives. Knowing how to help yourself during an attack could save your life.