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Despite what might first come to mind when an individual thinks of martial arts, there are other forms of hand-to-hand fighting that are also commonly practiced in this sport. Although it is not considered a traditional martial art, wrestling fits into the category of a fighting system that has traditions, codes, and certain movements that are designed to best an opponent in combat.

Many people believe that wrestling is a modern sport that doesn’t have much history and shouldn’t be considered a part of the martial arts world. However, this is not the case since its history is actually quite complex, and the sport is commonly taught to military personnel to take down their enemies at close quarters.

Wrestling as a Martial Art

A martial art is a system of combat that follows a set of rules and techniques designed to be used for various purposes, such as self-defense and law enforcement. Originally, the term martial art was used to describe the various combat systems that were used in Europe during the 1550s and later on.

Some people believe that the term martial arts should be replaced by a more inclusive term, such as fighting systems, to avoid confusion.

One of the most common forms of hand-to-hand combat that are commonly taught as a form of combat is wrestling. This sport has various techniques that can be used in close-quarters combat or self-defense, therefore making it a martial art.

Styles of Wrestling

There are many styles of wrestling that are commonly performed in different countries. They are based on the traditions and culture of the people who live in those countries. These include Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, Shuai Jiao, folk wrestling, Lucha Libre, Sumo wrestling, and more.

Due to the variety of styles that are commonly performed in different countries, wrestling has rightly gained a place as a recognized martial art worldwide.

Although it has gained a place as a recognized martial art, wrestling is often viewed as a sport instead of a fighting technique that’s designed to be used as a means of self-defense.

One of the main advantages of wrestling is that it teaches you how to anticipate moves and read the body language of your opponent. It also helps you maintain control of your opponent’s position to prevent them from being able to pin you down. Besides being able to anticipate moves, wrestling also teaches you how to defend against attackers using defensive moves.