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One of the most scientific and systematic forms of Korean martial arts is taekwondo, which emphasizes the importance of mind and body training. It has gained widespread recognition due to its global popularity and is regarded as one of the official Olympic Games events.


In this article, we’ll talk about the word “Tae,” “Kwon,” and “Do.” It’s composed of three parts, shown in the English translation. The first two are “foot,” and the third one is “leg.” If we combine these three parts, we can see that “Tae Kwon Do” refers to discipline and the way of doing things.


The Basics

It’s important to note that this discipline is the right way to use all body parts, including the feet and fists, to stop and calm down a fight. The concept of this discipline is derived from the words “to put fists under control” and “to step on fists.” This means that it’s a way to build a more peaceful and better world.



The history of Korea dates back 5000 years. This martial art has been called various names, such as “Subak” or “Taekkyon.” It was initially developed to train the mind and body in the ancient kingdom of Koguryo. During the Shilla period, this discipline became the main component of the Hwarangdo movement, which was established to produce leaders.


Due to its evolution, which has been continuously observed and improved over the years, taekwondo has gained various features and styles similar to those found in other martial arts in other countries, such as China and Japan.


Unlike oriental martial arts, which focus on foot skills, taekwondo doesn’t use foot techniques. Instead, it focuses on the principles of movement, which are in harmony with the whole life. It also has dynamic poses designed to challenge the mind and body.


Mental Aspects

This discipline aims to create a peaceful and harmonious environment by training the body, mind, and life. In addition to being able to move, this discipline also involves practicing the principles of mind training. This means that it’s essential that each student makes their mind peaceful and synchronized with the movements.


The right Poomsae are very important to achieve the proper confrontation. They can lead to significant damage and defeat.


The unity of this discipline can be attributed to its unique approach to life. Unlike other martial arts, which focus on fighting, taekwondo is not only about fighting. It’s also about surviving in an environment that’s hostile. This means that it’s essential for every student to overcome the obstacles that are trying to prevent them from achieving the goals of this discipline.


Although winning a fight is essential, it’s also not enough to protect one’s safety. Since there are many enemies, one cannot feel safe unless one gains permanent peace. This is why every student must achieve a harmonious relationship.


Through its unique activities, which are designed to improve and grow one’s life, taekwondo aims to achieve this goal. It’s also vital for every student to find the hidden principles in this discipline to achieve the best possible life.